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Surf Inn House Rules

Complying with these House Rules at Lake Powell Surf Inn is a requirement of the vacation rental agreement. Failure to adhere to the below House Rules may result in penalties such as deductions from the security deposit.


a) All Guests (and any Visitors) must comply with all House Rules and any other instructions from Lake Powell Surf Inn during their stay; and

b) Guests must notify the Lake Powell Surf Inn of any disputes or complaints from neighbors as soon as reasonably practicable.

c) Currently the hosting for parties is prohibited.


a) Lake Powell Surf Inn is suitable for children. Guests are fully responsible for the safety and security of their children at all times, as well as any disturbance caused to other residents in the Neighborhood;

b) Guests and Visitors must keep noise to a minimum as not to disturb the occupants of neighboring properties – especially during nighttime hours (e.g. 11pm – 8am), and upon arrival and departure;

c) Excessive noise is prohibited at all times and may result in termination of the vacation rental agreement, eviction, loss of rental paid and extra charges which may be deducted from the Security Deposit;


a) Parties and large gatherings of any kind are strictly prohibited at the Vacation Rental; and

b) Any small gathering must comply with other rules set regarding Noise, the Neighborhood and Visitor numbers.

c) No confetti bombs.

d) No adding of any chemical, soaps or bubbles to the hot tub.


Guests and any Visitors are to comply with parking regulations and other requirements set out below and show consideration to neighbors and other vehicles;

There is plenty of parking available. Please stay away from the back patios and 5+ feet away from the retaining walls.


Guests and their Visitors are to dispose of Garbage and Recycling in accordance with the usual practice at the Vacation Rental (as set out below) in the allocated trash cans, and excess rubbish must not be left in public or common areas; 


a) Any time Guests leave the Vacation Rental, it is their responsibility to ensure all windows and doors are closed/locked to maintain security and prevent rain and water damage.

b) Guests must switch off lights, air conditioning, fans, electronics such as televisions when not in use to promote energy saving. It is not permitted to leave the air conditioning on when Guests are absent from the Vacation Rental.


a) The Hot tub/ Swimming pool is only to be used between the hours of 8 am and 11pm.

b) For safety reasons, it is not permitted to use any glassware in or around the pool area. Failure to comply with this rule will result in a fine deducted from the security deposit.


Smoking is not permitted inside or around Lake Powell Surf Inn.


a) Pets are not permitted at Lake Powell Surf Inn.


Guest are responsible for cleaning the BBQ after each use.


a) All Damages and Breakages must be reported to the Property Manager as soon as reasonably practicable. Failure to report them will likely result in a penalty deduction from the security deposit. And;

b) To avoid Damages and Breakages, no furniture is to be moved from one room to another without prior agreement. Also;

c) No bathroom towels are to be removed from the property (i.e. for beach use). Separate beach towels are provided for this purpose.


Breach of any of these House Rules is a breach of the Terms and Conditions of occupancy as per the Rental Agreement.

The Owner and Manager reserve the right to terminate permission to occupy and to evict from the Vacation Rental, any Guests or Visitors who refuse to follow these House Rules or who cause a nuisance to neighbors or other residents of the community.

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